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What packages do you offer?

No pre-made packages, all weddings are unique. During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your timeline and build a custom-made package covering all the events that matter to you. Period.

  • Wedding film–a musical highlight video set to music that fits you, the venue, and the ambience of the day. I offer wedding videos in different lengths based on the needs of your wedding, varying from 6-10 minutes.

  • Ceremony and Toasts in full- Uninterrupted, from two camera angles, professionally recorded vows and speeches.

  • Additional A-la-carte edits- Includes full ceremony edits, full speeches and toasts, first dances, cake cutting, etc…

Do you film and edit all your videos yourself?

Yes! we’ll meet with you, prepare, film and edit your wedding video, personally. No filters, cheesy unlicensed songs, or outsourcing the editing to someone completely unfamiliar with your story.

How and when do I get my video?

It typically takes me 8 weeks to deliver all edits. All my videos are delivered digitally via Mediazilla; an online video portal where you can view, share and download all your videos. It’s awesome!

How many hours are you scheduled?

I’ll set aside an entire day for you, from bride prep to when the party is ending. No confusing hourly rates. Truth is, the best videos have footage from the entire day so no need to worry about hourly fees and time limits. I don’t believe a videographer should be limited to 4, 6, or 8 hour blocks. The way I see it, the wedding date is booked just for you, no one else!

How do you work with other photographers and vendors?

I will gather contact information from all your wedding vendors and give them a call to introduce myself before the wedding. It’s always best to start building that relationship early on so by the time the wedding day comes I can work smoother with DJ, Officiant and Photog. Most photographers and I are pretty aware of one another and usually help out one another to point out a cool shot and take turns.

Do you travel?

Yes, I can travel! Local weddings in the South Florida are no additional cost. Typically anything around three hours of driving will require additional compensation for lodging and general accommodations near the venue.

Do I get to pick out the music for the video?

We will discuss music and specifically genres that fit your personality and wedding vibe, but the ultimate decision of which track to use is mine. It’s typically a decision made in the editing room once everything starts coming together into a film. I license music from high-quality sites to secure rights agreements with the artists. No one here wants to get in trouble with the law later down the road!

What gear do you use?

I shoot with small mirrorless full frame Sony cameras and use Tascam for all my audio recording. We will use lav mics and hide them to get incredible sound for ceremony vows, toasts and all the other special moments. Audio is extremely important to me! My cameras have incredible low-light capabilities for awesome evening dance floor moves, as well as buttery smooth 120fps slow-motion capabilities. My style is more handheld and organic, and try to be a fly on the wall all day and not be a distraction to the ceremony, you, or the guests trying to have a good time. Although gear talk is fun, it is secondary to storytelling, the only tool that truly matters when we are trying to make something memorable.

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