"Poetry arrived in search of me. I don't know, I don't know where it came from, from winter or a river. I don't know how or when..." 

~Pablo Neruda



I was raised in beautiful Santiago, Chile in a cold August in South America, in the middle of Pinochet's lengthy regime. Chile’s winter is bitterly cold, yet I always felt the warmest love imaginable from strong women who raised me and taught me me timeless values and shaped me the right way. I always gravitated towards the arts; even at an early age when featured in school plays and flute recitals. My family, already relocated in the US, would be a constant reminder that my days in Chile were counted. In the 90’s, I relocated to Miami, FL.


Arriving in the US was literally a rebirth. New weather, new friends, new everything. While I focused on learning the language, with the help of some incredible people I met along the way, I became involved in theater and singing and was lucky to be featured in a number of productions with people far more talented than me. I feasted in the joy of applause, and was fortunate to receive local and state recognition. I loved the rush and the anticipation of a performance, and while I was terrified on stage, I was always up for a challenge.


Fast forward a couple decades, and I find myself having a sincere appreciation and love for the city of Miami which I am honored to call my hometown. A father of four incredible kids who teach me more than I teach them, I see how they care about me, and it feels amazing. For the past few years, I have focused all my creative energy to the incredibly rewarding task of documenting love stories. Understanding the dynamics of a wedding day and mixing light and sound to create a short film has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I am forever grateful to all those who support my craft. It is my greatest honor to get a chance to tell the story of a couple's wedding day through a motion picture.